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In the business world, competition is fierce, and companies need to be able to stand out from their competitors. Potential clients are looking for the business with the best products or services they need at reasonable prices, and they are searching for those businesses online. That means companies need to make themselves available and visible online so that potential customers can find them, visit their websites, and convert to actual clients. When it comes to the landscaping, yardscaping, and hardscaping business, the task is the same – be visible online, stand out from the competition, and convert visitors into customers.

So, how does a busy landscaping company like yours develop and implement a digital marketing strategy while also ensuring they provide their clients with the best possible services? Landscapers Web Marketing has you covered! We have been a go-to WordPress, Web Design, and Digital Marketing Agency for over 10 years with over 1,000 satisfied customers all over the country. Our goal is to help you continue your success in the landscaping industry by keeping our focus on nailing follow-ups, increasing leads and ROI (return on investment), and creating websites that convert.

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With a combination of various experiences and expertise, our growing company provides valuable services such as Direct Response Marketing, Video Marketing, Local Online Marketing, Local SEO, Local SEO Expert, Local Marketing Expert, Local Web design, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Marketing and Video Marketing that will blow your competition away.

Our online marketing services can get your company caught up to the modern world and apply our skills and experiences in search engine marketing, social media marketing, article marketing, social bookmarking, blog marketing, forum marketing, video marketing, RSS, pinging, press releases, building backlinks and more.


For Maximum flow of CALLS, LEADS & PROFITABILITY in your Landscaping, Yardscaping & Hardscaping Business

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We Can turn your website, landing pages and traffic sources into more landscaping leads and more clients


We make your reputation and local search visibility turn you into the best landscaper in town!


Accelerate Results. We have done all of the “trial and error” figuring out what works for landscapers

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Don Franklin

Don Franklin

Helping you to achieve better business results

Don, as a local business owner himself has experienced many challenges and successes over the years. Because of this he has made it his commitment to help others avoid the similar challenges and achieve success through proven marketing strategies that deliver results. Don has been working in the internet marketing industry for 10+ years and brings creative solutions combined with the latest technology to drive success for you and your company.

Kristy Franklin

Kristy Franklin

Delivering profitable results in provided timeline

Kristy has always been a back-bone partner to this company which was founded by her Husband, Don. Her expertise & commitment lies in quality control, ensuring highest level of customer service is a priority and handles the company’s day to day finances. Together they provide a strong pillar to this organization and are great leaders and mentors for the entire Landscapers Web Marketing team. 

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